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FORD/JAGUAR cars awards $14,500
Actress Stefanie Powers presents  $14,500 check

Jan 15 2007


The end of december 2006  JAGUAR/FORD MOTORS CARS presented a cash award to  be used to help with their work on Jaguars

 Stefanie Powers, actress and conservationst came to Costa Rica and to Wildlife Rescue Center La Marina to present this award.

This money will be used to help start building new enclosures for these endangered animals. However more money will be needed to finish this project. Any contributions would be greatfully appreicated





Irvine, California, December 1, 2006 – Jaguar North America, in its firm commitment to preserve its namesake, recently awarded over $62,000 to five deserving organizations at its annual Jaguar Conservation Trust grants ceremony in Belize, Costa Rica and Guatemala.


Acknowledgements were given by Jaguar Conservation Trust's lead consultant, actress and conservationist Stefanie Powers who, together with Jaguar North America selected the winners and administered the awards.   "Jaguar is possibly the only major corporation that has dedicated itself to the preservation of the very species from which it derives its name," comments Powers.  "I am very pleased to be associated with Jaguar as it continues to build a program that will have a far reaching effect on jaguar preservation." 


The 2006 Jaguar Conservation Trust grant recipients are:




·        Belize Audubon Society

Grant to reconstruct Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Visitor Center & install new displays.  Award: $13,100


·        Jaguar Shield

Grant to research innovative techniques to alleviate suffering of humans & jaguars in the Punta Gorda town of Belize's Toledo District.  Award: $8,000





·        Instituto Internacional en Manejo y Conservación de Vida Silvestre

Grant to study the integrated micro and macro aspects of habitat, food sources & migration of  

Jaguars.  Award: $11,445



     Grants for the Center committed to the improvement of the jaguar's care including cages and habitat. Award: $14,600





·        Asociacion Tercer Milenio

Grant for multi lingual education display in Yaxha National Park.  Award: $15,000



"We are pleased to come to Central America for a fourth year to partner with conservationists who are doing such great work," commented Rosemary Mariniello, Corporate Affairs manager for Jaguar North America.  "The jaguar has benefited greatly from the efforts of these grant winners as they understand the root cause of the jaguar's endangerment and are working diligently to prevent it." 


Established in 2003, the Jaguar Conservation Trust is a grass roots program dedicated to providing grants and funding for projects that promote the preservation of the company's namesake and its habitat.  The JCT currently operates in Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica, as well as supports zoos and initiatives in the US to raise awareness for its cause. 



Jaguar Cars was founded in 1921 and originally named the Swallow Sidecar Company. It was not until 1935 when the Jaguar name was first used on a production car and not until 1947 that the company became 'Jaguar Cars Ltd.'.  The late Sir William Lyons, founder of the company, chose the name 'Jaguar' as it signified feline grace and elegance, combining docility with remarkable power and agility



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 PRESS RELEASE:  This original was in  spanish. This is a rough copy translated. For original spanish please ask .



By fourth year, the automotive company Jaguar Cars stimulates the nonlucrative organizations to fortify its efforts to conserve the species of the jaguar. 


San jOse, Costa Rica, November, 2006 - Like part of its constant and solid social commitment, North America Jaguar, it will help to finance the implementation of a project that will support the conservation of his homónimo in Guatemala, by means of the Bottom for the Conservation of the Jaguar.

The objective of the Bottom for the Conservation of the Jaguar is that the resources given by means of this initiative, are used like economic support to the efforts of the Guatemalans for, to conserve and to propagate the jaguar, as much in wild state as in captivity, through a variety of methods including the investigation, the education and its correct handling.

Mrs. Stefanie Powers, actress and conservacionista, that she selected to the winners declared: “She is very pleasing to return to Rica Coast  in this fourth opportunity  and to see that this continuous effort giving its fruits stops  to protect the jaguar, I am convinced that the future generations will appreciate this type of effort and that they will continue our directed work to protect and to conserve this species.”


The winning projects in this fourth edition are:


§ Wildlife Rescue Center La Marina Foundation with the project Conservation of the Jaguar in a Center of Rescue”. Prize US$14.600.

§ Institute the International in Handling and Conservation of Vida Silvestre (ICOMVIS). With the project Density and segregation of habitat by jaguars (Panther onca) in areas without category of protection in the zone of influence of the Bent National Park, Peninsula of Bear. Prize US$11.445.


The company became jumbled in the environmental rescue from mid the 80, with an initiative of Canada Jaguar to expand the only Sanctuary of the jaguar in the world, the greater world-wide reserve of this species, safeguard almost 100 thousand acres of tropical forest in Belize. 


From that moment, the corporative offices of Jaguar in United Kingdom have donated more of US$3 million for the construction of a modern exhibition of rainy and ambient forest of prestigious raising in the Zoological one of Chester in United Kingdom.  In  The United States, Jaguar has contributed with US$1 million to the Society of Conservation of the Wild Life in the Zoological Bronx, that helps to finance investigation and programs of protection of species of  jaguars in wild state.

On Jaguar Cars 

Jaguar Cars was founded on 1921 and originally Swallow Sidecar Company was called. It was not but until 1935 when the Jaguar name was used for the first time in a car of production and until 1947 that the company became 'Jaguar Cars Ltd.'.  Sir William Lyons, of pleasing memory, founder of the company, chose the name “Jaguar” since it means grace and feline elegance, combining the docilidad with extraordinary force and agility.  


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