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BECOME A V0LUNTEER at the Wild Life Rescue Center
La Marina Volunteer Program


What is included for you as a volunteer?

Administration fee is $250. 100% of this money goes directly toward helping support the Rescue Center and your transportation, if required.  If you are only staying a week or two, adjustments can be made.

Pick up at airport in San Jose then takes to guest home and introduced to family. The airport is 1 1/2 hours from La Marina.  Volunteer usually take bus back to airport. Other arrangements can be made.

We now have a private house managed by the family of Martha.( Juan Jose and Martha run the La Marina Rescue Center)..  It is a run by Martha's sister and brother.  There is wi-fi and television and private rooms.. breakfast and supper are served in their kitchen. Lunch is packed up and provided for you. It is a short walk to the bus stop and about a 10 minute ride down the road to the Rescue Center..

If you look at the pictures you can see a view of the front of the house. If you look closely you will see 2 Macaws perched on the kitchen window.. Some of the birds live on the property and come and go as they please. 

2 Macaws perched on the kitchen window..

There is also some avaiable room and board at host families nearby. 

Room and board at a warm and friendly host family nearby.  Most of the host families do not speak English, so it is a good chance to learn Spanish. Most accommodations are within walking distance or a short bus ride. Buses are frequent and very reasonable. Room and board is $15 US. dollars a day. 3 meals per day are included. You probably will bring your lunch to La Marina

The Host Families are warm and friendly and located near La Marina.  Most are a short bus ride about 5 minutes to La Marina. La Marina is located in a safe area with 2 shopping towns 10 -15 minutes away. In these towns you will find anything you might need

Volunteer Schedule

Hours of work: 7:00am to 3:00pm   Monday to Friday  ( If you would like to work on the weekends that also can be arranged.)

*Exact times can be adjusted depending on bus schedules.

Minimum stay is usually 2 weeks.  You may stay as long as you like but shorter than 2 weeks is not suggested as it takes 2-4 days to get into the routine.

Jobs Include:

Clean cages, prepare and  feed animals. Some of  the cages, or enclosures, may be old but they are kept very clean. Therefore cleaning a cage is not an unpleasant job.  You might even strike up a friendship with a monkey, bird or other animal, possibly maybe another human This is not a petting zoo, so interaction with the animals happens but most of the are kept in cages.. 
Feeding the animals

Other Duties

Special skills are always welcome.  We would need to arrange a project ahead of time to have materials at the ready.  At least 2 months notice would be appreciated.  Woodwork, masonry, electrical, plumbing.  No special skill?  How about just a desire to enjoy working the the many unique animals. 
Get an opportunity most people will never have a chance to experience.
Veterinary Doctors ♦ We welcome vets to assist us. Special arrangements can be made

Phone Service ►

Pay phones are readily available. You will need to purchase a calling card in Costa Rica to use there. If you purchase it outside the country it will not work .The phone calls to the states are 20-30 cents per minute. 

Age of Volunteers

Many volunteers are just out of high school or college,  however we do  have many mature people also. One thing all age groups have is a love of nature and want to help in their own way to protect endangered animals. 

  * Small children are not suggested, as they can not be watched and could get too close to the animals. - this could cause a dangerous situation for humans and animals.

  * If you have a special skill you would like to use while visiting us, please let us know.

Work clothing such as: Jeans, Shirts (long or short sleeved), * Don't bring shorts to work in.
Rain Gear- Remember La Marina is located within a rain forest. Some seasons have more rain than others.
Boots- Bring boots  as it can get muddy. * No insulated boots as they will become too hot. Farmers boots are avaiable here.
Bug Spray- Bugs are not really a bad problem, but you might want to use it anyway.
Bathing Suit - If you plan to visit the hot springs bring shorts and bathing suit - it is a casual atmosphere.
*  Dressy cloths are not necessarry for out to dinner or going to a local bar.  Every thing here is casual.
*  Costa Rica is a safe country, however petty crime is a problem.
• Don't bring fancy jewelry
• If you bring electronic equipment, be careful not to leave anything unattended
♦ Don't show off your valuables.
You will feel comfortable in Costa Rica, just be aware.
 ♦  If you forget anything at home, don't worry this is not a third world country, you can buy anything you need downtown just - 10 minutes away by bus.

What can I do when not working?

It is quite common for the volunteers to get together and do things as groups.

On your days off or at night you can go explore

Public Bus transportation is safe, cheap, frequent and reliable.

Many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to socialize in evenings.

Ciudad Quesada - a tiny city - one of the regions main trading and business centers (San Carlos)

La Fortuna - The gateway to the magnificent Arenal Volcno.

Agua Zarcas  - Hot Springs   

San Jose - Capital of Costa Rica

♦ Local hot springs are very close, very inexpensive and great fun. Food and beverages are also  available.

There is a Catholic Church about 5 minute bus ride downtown Aqua Zarcas

There also is a church next to La Marina  .

There are 3 Jewish Temples in San Jose

♦  Shopping in nearby towns,  The shopping areas is quite modern and anything you might need can be found there. Just 10 minutes away by bus.


Lastly as a volunteer at La Marina you will have a great time - working or playing.

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